Applications for the 2018 Fall Cohort are Open!
Be sure you have read the requirements at

You can download the questions in MS Word format here:
First Name: *

Last Name: *

Are you a founder/cofounder of the company?

Phone #: *

What city and state are located in? *

Company Name: *

Company Website: *

If you don't have one please type N/A
Who are the core team members and what are their roles? Please include who is full time vs part time. *

Provide links to professional profiles for each founder:

Please tell us in one or two sentences about the most impressive thing other than this startup that each founder has built or achieved. *

Describe your business: *

Which best describes your business? *

A startup is temporary and intends to become a large company quickly by searching for a repeatable and scalable business model.

A small business is independently owned and operated, organized for profit, and not dominant in its field.

Further explanation here:

What stage is your company? *

- Concept (idea of what you want to do but no product built yet)
- Prototype (basic version of the product is built)
- Beta Launched (real users interacting with the product but no MVP yet)
- Generating Revenue (MVP launched and customers paying for the product, service revenue not included)

What is the approximate size of the addressable market for your product? *

Have you raised money? if so, how much and from who?

Has your startup’s product generated paying users?

What is your current total monthly revenue and expenses?

What will be your total revenue for 2018?

What is your company's value proposition and how is it different from existing solutions?

What is your business model? *

In other words, how will you make money?
How do you think the FounderTrac program can help you? *

The FounderTrac program includes 6 sessions over a 12 week period and includes a kickoff and the demo. Participation and attendance is critical to success. Will 1 or more of the Founders be able to attend all the sessions? If you must miss a session please explain.

Here is the schedule:
- July 31st, 5PM - 8PM: Intro Pitch & Kickoff
- August 14th, 5PM - 7PM: Session I
- August 28th, 5PM - 7PM: Session II
- September 11th, 5PM - 7PM: Session III
- September 25th, 5PM - 7PM: Session IV
- October 9th, 5PM - 7PM: Session V
- October 23rd, 5PM - 7PM: Session VI
- November 6th, 6PM - 8PM: DEMO DAY!
How did you hear about FounderTrac?

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